Restricting access to is not a public DNS resolver. If you are not a customer of PowerTech, please use other DNS resolvers. Access to from outside of PowerTech’s network will be restricted.

UPDATE: As of December 1st 2016 we will start blocking requests originating from Norway as well and has been around since the dawn of time, providing a DNS resolver service for customers of PowerTech. They have never been announced as a public service. Nevertheless they were, as usual at that time, configured  without any restrictions, and quickly and reliably answered DNS queries from anywhere.  Their popularity grew as time passed and they are now widely used by users outside of our network. This has made it difficult for us to restrict access to them, without causing problems for a lot of people.

Unfortunately we are now forced to start restricting access to and for users outside of our network. The abuse of public DNS resolvers makes it to costly for us to provide it as free public service to the internet.

We will try to do it as gently as possible. At first we will almost only block abusers, but as time passes more and more legitimate queries from outside of our network will be blocked as well.

If you are not a customer of PowerTech using from within our network, you should use other DNS resolvers. You could use the DNS resolver for the network you are currently in. Another option is to use public DNS resolvers, like the Google public DNS resolver. More information about that service can be located at

PowerTech Information Systems AS is an ISP, providing internet access to the norwegian market since 1993.

Our customers can find information about our DNS resolvers here:

First published: November 2014.

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